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Paragon Consultancy Incorporated works on industrial property rights such as trademarks, patents, designs, geographical indications, plant varieties, layout designs of integrated circuits, domain names and copyright, unfair competition... ..read all



On November 17, 1797, Eli Terry received his first patent for a clock. Terry is known as the founder of the American clock-making industry. Starting in the U.S. in early decades of the 19th century, clocks were one of the first items to be mass produced and also to use interchangeable parts. Alexander Bain, Scottish clockmaker, ... more



Leonardo da Vinci?s Helicopter Though the first actual helicopter wasn?t built until the 1940s, it is believed that Leonardo da Vinci?s sketches from the late fifteenth century were the predecessor to the modern day flying machine. As with many of da Vinci?s ideas, he never actually built and tested it ? but his notes and drawin... more



A rudimentary thermometer (which, for the first time, allowed temperature variations to be measured) and an ingenious device to raise water from aquifers found no market. He found greater success in 1596 with a military compass that could be used to accurately aim cannonballs. A modified civilian version that could be used for l... more



The phonograph was invented in 1877 by Thomas Edison. While other inventors had produced devices that could record sounds, Edison's phonograph was the first to be able to reproduce the recorded sound. His phonograph originally recorded sound onto a tinfoil sheet phonograph cylinder.

Silicon Chip


Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce invent the first silicon chip. This is the first integrated circuit. The Patent for Miniaturized Electronic Circuits, were issued to Jack S. Kilby and Texas Instruments in 1964. Currently, Kilby holds patents on sixty inventions, including the invention of the electronic hand-held calculator in 1967.



Charles Thurber (January 2, 1803 ? November 7, 1886) was an inventor who made important innovations in the early development of thetypewriter. According to the book The Marvels of Modern Mechanism published in 1901, Charles invented and patented in 1843 the first practical typewriter, though it admits his machine was slow, crude... more

Electric Motor


British physicist and chemist, best known for his discoveries of electromagnetic induction and of the laws of electrolysis. His biggest breakthrough in electricity was his invention of the electric motor.

Printing Press


The first ever printing press was invented by Johann Gutenburg. A printing press allows a person to print a document with stenciled letters. (Newspapers) His newly devised hand mould made for the first time possible the precise and rapid creation of metal movable type in large quantities