About Us

Technical Departments


Our attorneys advice on all patent protection issues in Turkey, Europe and worldwide including drafting, filing, translation of technical documents, licensing and assignment, infringement, attacks on validity. We offer a range of searching services, such as freedom-to-operate, patentability, validity, equivalent Patent/UM. Paragon’s patents department serves with an experienced team comprising technical personnel and in-house patent attorneys having degrees and post-graduate degrees across many technical backgrounds, which enables us to focus on particular subject area of an invention and to meet the client's needs.


Specialist advice on all trade mark issues in Turkey, Europe and worldwide including availability, use and registration, preparation, filing and prosecution of applications, infringement and attacks on validity.


Specialist advice on the protection of industrial designs in the Turkey, Europe and worldwide including ownership, filing, applications, licensing and assignment, infringement and attacks on validity.


Our established in-house renewals department offers clients an efficient and reliable service with individual attention provided by experienced members of staff. We take every precaution to ensure that the registered rights in our care whether they are patents, trade marks or designs are timely maintained by sending regular reminders and continuing to monitor progress up to six months after the renewal due date. By liaising with our attorneys the Renewals team is able to provide a complete service tailored to our clients’ needs.


Preparing, instituting, prosecuting court actions for:

  • Enforcement, defensive and regulatory purposes before civil, criminal, administrative, appellate courts
  • Determination of evidence/facts established through the civil court experts’ report on various matters such as infringement, similarity, confusion, damage, compensation and notoriety
  • Declaration of non-infringement
  • Serving cease and desist letters for the prevention of infringing acts against IP rights