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Integrated Circuit Topographies

Act no. 5147 pertaining to the protection of integrated circuit topographies was put into effect on April 30, 2004 in Turkey. Under this Act integrated circuit topographies are protected before the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office for ten years. This protection period starts from the launch date of the integrated circuit by the applicant or by a third party through the applicant’s authorization in the market (domestic or foreign). Protection of Integrated Circuit Topography in Turkey will only go into effect if the request for registration is filed with the Office within 2 years from the application date and no commercial activity is in question. The integrated circuit topography has to meet the requirement of originality for registration purposes in Turkey which is defined as, “creation which is the result of its creator’s own intellectual effort and is not commonplace among creators and manufacturers of integrated topographies at the time of the creation.” Renewal of the protection of integrated circuit topography in Turkey is not possible and after ten years the subject matter of the right becomes public property.

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